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Our Company History

Ceation of BIC company

involved a comprehensive understanding of the specific health challenges faced by animals and offring cutting edge solutions to them.

Launch of the therapeutic line

for poultry and ruminant involved in depth understanding of their unique health challenges and nutritional requirements and provide targeted solutions that promote
optimal health and performance in poultry and ruminant animals.

Launch of the feed additives line

for poultry and ruminant involved collaboration with industry experts and veterinarians to identify key nutritional gaps and health concerns.
Extensive research were undertaken to create a range of additives that target specific challenges such as gut health , growth promotion and ensuring optimal health
and productivity.

Preparation for launching the disinfectant line

for poultry and ruminant
involved extensive market research and understanding of industry needs and regulations.
The disinfectant line is specifically designed to meet
the unique requirements of poultry and ruminant facilities, providing a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining biosecurity and animal health.