Iso Fusion Technology.

-Is standard for overcoming the heterogeneity of the distribution of feed additives in compound feed and premixes which leads to:
1 ) Reduction in feed digestibility.
2 ) Decreasing productive indicators such as body weight gain, conversion ratio.
3 ) Raising the cost of feed and reducing the profitability of the enterprise as a result.

– Technology allowing all individual active ingredients to be combined into microparticles in which the proportions are constant and equal between the particles

The product manufactured by iso fusion technology is : 

1 ) Safe to use and free of respiratory injury.
2 ) Is not stratified in feed and during transportation.
3 ) Has an equal number of active ingredients in each particle of the product.
4 ) Has optimal flowability due to homogenous particle size.
5 ) Han excellent dispersion in feed thanks to micro granulated form.
6 ) Resistant to high temperatures during extrusions, granulation and other heat treatments of compound feed.